Announcements allow you to communicate project-specific and/or time-sensitive opportunities and requests.

Each week they're compiled and then sent via email to all r4i members. They'll include whatever you write below as well as a link to your r4i profile.

In the future, announcements will be searchable just like profiles. For now, they will only appear in the weekly r4i emails.

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Please describe your goals. Here are some questions to consider (and acknowledging aspirations and uncertainty is fine too!):
  • What outcomes do you want to learn about?
  • Any particular programs/policies/issue area(s)?
  • Do you know what kind of data you want to use (e.g. randomized controlled trials, surveys, interviews, administrative data, organizational data, archival work, text, etc.)?
  • Why do you want to brainstorm and/or collaborate?
  • Any other important logistical details?