Our Vision: A world in which people with diverse forms of knowledge seamlessly learn from each other, particularly those working to understand and solve complex social problems.

Our Mission: New relationships are at the core of everything we do to realize that vision:

  • Matchmaking: We initiate new relationships between social scientists and practitioners.
  • Workshops: We lead workshops entitled "How to Be Helpful: Building Relationships for Social Impact" that provides researchers and practitioners with the tools they need to confidently initiate new relationships themselves.
  • E-Newsletters: We inform our community of 800+ researchers, practitioners, and policymakers about new opportunities related to bridging social science and practice.
  • Short Articles: We write up and share what we're learning about how to build successful researcher-practitioner relationships.

Our work is rooted in the behavioral science of relationship-building: As described in our short articles, what distinguishes our work is that it's rooted in the behavioral science of relationship-building. That means that we have developed a new, evidence-based model for building new relationships between people with diverse forms of knowledge. Our model maximizes the likelihood that new ideas are surfaced and that people feel comfortable sharing what they know. These evidence-based procedures are also at the heart of what we teach others as part of the "How to be Helpful" workshops.

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